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2011-08-16 21:22:02 by SheriffBones

so i made my first picture and i NEED feed back
be brutal
it is terrible
i know
if you think it should be removed please tell me

2011-08-09 22:27:06 by SheriffBones

i just realised something
my life is BORING
i look at all these amaizing things that the people do here in these videos and on newgrounds and i think to myself
"wow life is boring!!" i feel like i should be out saving the world or getting a girlfriend but instead all i do is sit here and stare
am i just a loser?


2011-07-26 21:55:39 by SheriffBones

...i only come here when im bored,...
but i do enjoy mail!!!

song ideas

2011-02-20 19:54:58 by SheriffBones

this may sound childish to some of u but who cares
ive been looking for a good techno remix of You are a pirate from lazzy town
if u dont know what im talking about then u can look it up on youtube
if ur up to the chalenge leave a comment so i can see it when it is done
u will get nothing in return except my respect, a PM saying how greatful i am and if u put it on i tunes probably some fame/money

new year

2010-12-26 19:00:49 by SheriffBones

well Christmas is over i hope u all got wat u wanted
have a happy new year newgrounds
oh and thanks for those who comment on my posts
though i dont make videos i really do appreciate people actually looking at my page


2010-12-23 16:11:56 by SheriffBones

well christmas is only a few days away and im sick as a dog...
hope ur holodays are better than mine!

it's a GIRAFFE!

2009-10-30 19:10:34 by SheriffBones

oh im so mad, i can't find any Cyber Marionette J stuff like the manga or t shirts if u have any info about this contact me by commenting

it's a GIRAFFE!


2009-09-13 16:40:49 by SheriffBones

so here it is people, i need to find some thing to represent me . if you think of or know of a pic of a skull or skeleton wearing cow boy attire. leave a comment telling me about it or showing it to me

the fish

2009-08-11 15:24:04 by SheriffBones

><)))"> is over 9000

the pic is from Not mine

the fish